Our communities are full of people that are positive examples.
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Our communities are full of people that are positive examples, but we are not always aware of the people that are making the changes. Seeing Growth 365 was created to represent these people and to introduce them to people as the positive role models that they are. The bios on Black Women Making History & Black Men Making History were created as examples of what SeeingGrowth.com would like to share on a daily basis.

SeeingGrowth.com is interested in the stories of our Teachers, Coaches, Community Leaders, Ministerial Leaders, Business Leaders, Writers, and THE EVERYDAY HEROES THAT ARE NOT GIVEN CREDIT OR NOT ALWAYS VISABLE.

This site will be used to gather these inspirational stories and to make sure that they are shared to make differences in the lives of others.

You will be doing your part by sharing your storywith Seeinggrowth.com.

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